May 19, 2016


TripSafe Security System and App

TripSafe is the first security system built to protect you when you travel. TripSafe combines the technology of a comprehensive home security system into an elegantly-designed, self-contained device that fits in your pocket, backpack or purse and is controlled entirely through your smartphone.

17% of homes in the United States have a security system, making home security a $25 Billion industry. Yet today, there has been little advancement in protecting individuals when they are on the road. As a result, less than .05% of travelers have any type of security solution in use or available to them.

TripSafe provides a new option for security for the one billion annual leisure and business global travelers – a completely portable security system. TripSafe’s core mission is to save lives and make people safer, everywhere they go. To accomplish this goal, TripSafe is creating and leading the portable security industry, aiming to give employers confidence when sending employees on travel and give peace of mind to leisure travelers. Combining travel and security rates, portable security is projected to be worth over $5 Billion by 2020.

Crimes Against Travelers & Global Instability

Due to increasing crime rates in tourist areas and global instability, rising security concerns exist for the 1 Billion global and 200 Million domestic annual travelers.

“Security is as dominant and dynamic an issue as it has ever been.”

-Chuck Hagel, Former Secretary of Defense & United States Senator

Home-Sharing Industry

At a time with unprecedented security challenges for leisure and business travellers, alternative lodging options outside of the traditional hotel industry are rapidly growing. This new industry is called “home-sharing”. In 2015, AirBnB, the home-sharing industry’s leader, became the largest hotelier in the world when they hosted their 80 Millionth guest. The home-sharing industry in total has grown to 150,000,000 home/room share guests – up from less than 1,000,000 in 2010. Home-sharing sites match travellers to short-term room and home rentals. In one category of booking, the host is allowed to remain in the home. Additionally, home-sharing sites do not perform background checks on their hosts or guests. All of this leaves the safety of both guest and host to a stranger with nothing more than positive reviews.

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